Kinky Talks

An online introduction to relationship possibilities and pitfalls for kinksters.

Adalberto and Hans help people with a kinky and gay lifestyle to have nice and fun relations (and avoid some common mistakes).
Nice, horny, without conviction, clever.

Honest online talks to get things …erhmm NOT so straight 😉

Kinky lifestylers need info too

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Our later KinkyTalks all have a recorded start before we open up the private, unrecorded part of our talks.
These Youtubes are gathered in our channel: KinkyTalks on Youtube.

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For a gay guy, if you are not gonna be the stud, you might as well be the freak!  Dragqueens have taught us this:
You are not gonna to beat me up because I’ll dress up.
I am going to create this image that is so powerful that you can’t get to me.

Patrick Moore (talking about about andy Warholl)



Nice guy with a kinky mind

Adalberto is well known in the gay community. He was Mister Rubber Netherlands and Mister International Rubber and as such he is an important figurehead in the fetish scene these days. Someone you can come to with questions.

Hans West

Kink Aware Therapist, openminded professional and also a nice guy. Into kink and BDSM since his prepuberty

Hans teaches Kinky Techniques to interested people and teaches about fetish and BDSM to students and practitioners.
I do not like to be silenced but I’m a good listener



We don’t believe in “telling how yo should…” and we don’t believe that it is very helpful to be told.
Respect is one of the main ‘rules’ in our online gatherings.


If you can’t laugh, you can’t cry…
We won’t hesitate to talk about serious stuff, so we hope to have a bit of respectful fun together. Not at the cost of anyone but because feelings are important on both sides.


Amongst the two of us, there is not much that we did not try, did not do, did not enjoy ourselves.
No need for shame (with both a rather strong aversion to shaming).


If you think things thru and when you got your shit sorted, and if you are mindful about your self… there is no reason to not mindlessly let yourself enjoy the moment.

Nice guys sharing their knowledge and their mistakes. Serious, respectful and a bit tongue in cheek.