2023-05-03 ~ Kinky Talks 44: Diversity & Inclusion in the Community #WeAreFetish

Let’s share! At 8PM CET (2PM EST) the 3rd of May ’23 we host another  KinkyTalk (Nr44) with: Gael (IML) and Pusckatt Onyx. Onyx is a large association in the US for black men and women into fetish and Pusckatt is going to tell us everything about the inclusion in the originally(!) mainly white fetish scene.Continue reading “2023-05-03 ~ Kinky Talks 44: Diversity & Inclusion in the Community #WeAreFetish”

2023-04-05 ~ Kinky Talks 43: Suicide exists!

Let’s break the Taboo! We are thrilled to team up with Henk Burger (https://www.uittleven.com/) to break the taboo around mental health and suicidal thoughts in our ๐ŸŒˆ community! Sometimes itโ€™s not all glitter and glamour, and our fun and gay lives have โ€œthat sideโ€ too. And if we talk about it, we might literally helpContinue reading “2023-04-05 ~ Kinky Talks 43: Suicide exists!”

2023-03-01 ~ Kinky Talks 42: Kinky, & Community events (packing for)

Darklands, a rather unique event to attend and to travel to. Easter Berlin will be next. These are big events, that do take some planning. But smaller events are thriving too, these post covid and post-monkeypox days… Is bigger better? Or just different? Adalberto We talked about it already but what is it? How shouldContinue reading “2023-03-01 ~ Kinky Talks 42: Kinky, & Community events (packing for)”

2023-02-01 ~ Kinky Talks 41: Young and Kinki – The Next Gen

Young and Kinky – we give “The Next Gen” the mic. The Voice of our Youngsters in the Scene. I hope that the older generation knows its place and cares to listen ๐Ÿ˜€ Because should we as ‘old farts’ be talking about “The Next Gen”? I guess not! (I remember I found that rather distastefulContinue reading “2023-02-01 ~ Kinky Talks 41: Young and Kinki – The Next Gen”

2023-01-04 ~ Kinky Talks 40: Drop, drop, drop

After the new year’s parties, after the first reality checks of our own new year’s resolutions, and after last year’s pandemic, it seemed kinda logical to come up with this Kinky Talk’s theme: “Drop drop drop!” ๐Ÿ˜‰ Almost every sub AND most Doms know that feeling of “drop” two, or three days after great events,Continue reading “2023-01-04 ~ Kinky Talks 40: Drop, drop, drop”

2022-12-14 ~ Kinky Talks 39: Chemsex in the Scene

Chemsex is an easy subject to ignore… until you can’t ignore it anymore. That is why Adalberto and I like to highlight the fun, the risks, the slippery slope, the highs, the lows, the point of no return, the rock-bottom and that swampy sinking feeling when you notice you should really start to react toContinue reading “2022-12-14 ~ Kinky Talks 39: Chemsex in the Scene”

2022-11-09 ~ Kinky Talks 38: Kink Aware Therapy: Inspiration for Therapists & Kinksters

On the lookout for an interesting topic for the 9th, I was browsing through my PowerPoints and came across some PowerPoints I presented to psychologists and doctors for the Kinky Clients in their practice! And I thought it might be of interest to Kink Aware Therapists and the people who are their clients. Regulars toContinue reading “2022-11-09 ~ Kinky Talks 38: Kink Aware Therapy: Inspiration for Therapists & Kinksters”

2022-10-12 ~ Kinky Talks 37: Community: What’s in a name?

Yay! We are growing and getting more and more well known guests. (will we ever be able to top this???) These three engaged kinksters will talk ever so serious ๐Ÿ˜‰ about their personal experiences of being an ambassador/sash wearer. A lot of people don’t really understand: “What is that… with those ‘Mr’ or ‘Ms’ orContinue reading “2022-10-12 ~ Kinky Talks 37: Community: What’s in a name?”

2022-09-14 ~ Kinky Talks 36: Spot – The answer is PROTOCOL

Spot is a well-known presenter and teacher living poly and with BDSM relationships both ‘up’ and ‘down’ the D/s and he is going to talk to us about Protocol… Limit something to make it bigger, the thrilling paradox of BDSM. Spot on protocol In this kinky talk, Spot will take us through his experiences withContinue reading “2022-09-14 ~ Kinky Talks 36: Spot – The answer is PROTOCOL”

2022-08-10 ~ Kinky Talks 35: Hans – “Whipping with Pride!”

We know Hans as a coach and we’ve talked about the fact that he does workshops on different BDSM techniques but we did not talk much about that up till now. That is going to change on the 10th because he will be giving the workshops on the 4th (that day that you would expectContinue reading “2022-08-10 ~ Kinky Talks 35: Hans – “Whipping with Pride!””

2022-07-06 ~ Kinky Talks 34: Kinks and Spirituality

We’ll be talking about the scientific ideas of Mirco Costacurta. He’s our guest: Mirco is a PhD, student in Social Science at the University of Padua (Italy). Sex-positive and LGBT+ activist for Arcigay with inside knowledge about Kink and BDSM Mirco is a student investigating the world of kink. He investigated kinks and we areContinue reading “2022-07-06 ~ Kinky Talks 34: Kinks and Spirituality”

2022-06-01 ~ Kinky Talks 33: Longing Relationships… (long term, long distance)

We’ll be talking about relationships, especially “long” is the keyword for this discussion: Luckily we have guests with practical knowledge about these subjects so we are happy to invite Spot and Pupsapphire to answer questions from their personal viewpoints. Let’s talk about those who are longing for ‘long-relationships’ and how to manage that? What doContinue reading “2022-06-01 ~ Kinky Talks 33: Longing Relationships… (long term, long distance)”

2022-05-06 ~ Kinky Talks 32: Darklands Fr.6pm – KinkyTalks Live

After more than 30 successful online events, Hans & Adalberto bring their Kinky Talks Live to Darklands! Kinky Talks Live!For both newbies and seasoned kinksters, they will discuss the psychology of kinks and our search for ‘extremes’, taking and giving consent and fun, and fun versus fun-ctional substance use & kinky sex. We love yourContinue reading “2022-05-06 ~ Kinky Talks 32: Darklands Fr.6pm – KinkyTalks Live”

2022-04-06 ~ Kinky Talks 31: Darkrooms-Lightrooms… Fetish photographers talk

We will be talking with D81 en PAN about Fetish Photography… (you can find them on Instagram: @d81photos (www.d81photos.com) & @thedarksideof_pan (www.gianlucapanareo.com/thedarksideofpan) If you have questions let us know…Registration is until 4 pm, and the email with the link will be sent by 7 pm at the latest. We are not sure if -in thisContinue reading “2022-04-06 ~ Kinky Talks 31: Darkrooms-Lightrooms… Fetish photographers talk”

2022-01-05 ~ Kinky Talks 28: Your bucket and f*ck-it lists for 2022

We might be more thriftily when writing our bucket-lists. We lived thru another year of social distance and most of us live. So let’s be proud of each other… Hindsight is 2020 2021 then is: “looking up the Arse?” Hans, he’ll be telling a bit about new years resolutions and trying to prevent that inContinue reading “2022-01-05 ~ Kinky Talks 28: Your bucket and f*ck-it lists for 2022”

2021-11-10 ~ Kinky Talks 26: Kink Activism

Note the date: the 10th, not the 3rd of november, this talk. Adalberto is all over the world (literally) so we should be really happy to have him for ourselves the 10th ๐Ÿ˜€ (usually it’s the 1st wednesday…) Today on 11/10 (the out-of-your-closet-day) we announce that, on the 11/10th, we are going to talk about: KinkContinue reading “2021-11-10 ~ Kinky Talks 26: Kink Activism”

2021-10-06 ~ Kinky Talks 25: The Psychology of kinks

“Wickedness” is a myth invented by ‘good people’ to account for that curious attractiveness of ‘others’. Oscar Wilde (quotes by me) In this talk, weโ€™re going to dive into the kinky mind and hear about the most recent research from a psychological perspective on people who practice kinks. We will be guided by Karina to betterContinue reading “2021-10-06 ~ Kinky Talks 25: The Psychology of kinks”

2021-09-04 ~ Kinky Talks 24: From Sex to Chems and Back

Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll (or any other kind of music) have always drawn toward each other. And rightly so! Especially for people who like kicks and sensations and who like to party and play, they will have their encounters with drugs (and alcohol is a drug too). And there is a lotContinue reading “2021-09-04 ~ Kinky Talks 24: From Sex to Chems and Back”

2021-08-04 ~ Kinky Talks 23: Puppies and their bone(r)s

Puppies and their bone(r)s Pups Play!Yet puppy-play is a serious fetish, these days The world of pupies is far away from our own ‘normal’ world for a lot of us kinksters. But in the last years this kink is really booming. And the playfulness of this kink is be really appealing. Docile dogs, beauty-dogs, brattyContinue reading “2021-08-04 ~ Kinky Talks 23: Puppies and their bone(r)s”

2021-07-07 ~ Kinky Talks 22: A deep dive into sub space…

There are a lot of ideas and opinions about subspace. It has to do with pain it has to do with humiliation, it has to do with role-play, it’s all about endorphins in the brain et cetera et cetera. Let’s be clear, there is no final answer yet in science for it simply has notContinue reading “2021-07-07 ~ Kinky Talks 22: A deep dive into sub space…”

2021-06-16 ~ Kinky Talks 21: Monster toys, Monster fun? (Karin – Mr Provios)

We feel that we are not stretching it when we both think we can hope for a really deep discussion with a hole lot of assploration. We think that, when we are be prepared well for some really in depth discussion about  ways to go the distance we perhaps know how to go where noContinue reading “2021-06-16 ~ Kinky Talks 21: Monster toys, Monster fun? (Karin – Mr Provios)”