2023-02-18 ~ In memoriam Axe Leito

In memoriam Axe Leito  [17-11-1980 / 18-2-2023] On February 18, 2023, our Pride Ambassador Axe Leito passed away. His partner, his family, Pride Amsterdam and us, we are all deeply shocked. We will miss his generous smile and his contagious enthusiasm. We wish Robin, his family and friends all the strength they need to integrate thisContinue reading “2023-02-18 ~ In memoriam Axe Leito”

2023-02-01 ~ Kinky Talks 41: Young and Kinki – The Next Gen

Young and Kinky – we gave “The Next Gen” the mic to listen to the voice of our Youngsters in the Scene. For the older generation that cares to listen.So we are passing the mic to a couple of young and engaged kinksters, who are going to share their thoughts and experiences with us: Stevio,Continue reading “2023-02-01 ~ Kinky Talks 41: Young and Kinki – The Next Gen”

2021-04-14 ~ Kinky Talks 18: Is more extreme more fun?

People do view us kinksters as being a bit extreme sometimes. Does that have to do with ‘the media’ portraying us as ‘extreme’ so they can offer the readers a nice and voyeuristic view (and then distance themselves with quotes like: “we are happy that we don’t need that“). Or are only the people thatContinue reading “2021-04-14 ~ Kinky Talks 18: Is more extreme more fun?”

2021-01-21 ~ Kinky Talks 14: What’s your favourite online fetish platform?

We got a cool panel of people to talk about why their favourite platforms We started with the question where our first platforms were. And some of us our talk with our ‘confessions’ about what basically our 1st platforms in the world of kink were (sometimes fresh, so for some of us almost pre-internet). WhereContinue reading “2021-01-21 ~ Kinky Talks 14: What’s your favourite online fetish platform?”