2022-12-14 ~ Kinky Talks 39: Chemsex in the Scene

Chemsex is an easy subject to ignore… until you can’t ignore it anymore. That is why Adalberto and I like to highlight the fun, the risks, the slippery slope, the highs, the “gezelligheid”, the lows, the point of no return, the rock-bottom and that swampy sinking feeling when you notice you should really start toContinue reading “2022-12-14 ~ Kinky Talks 39: Chemsex in the Scene”

2020-10-28 ~ Kinky Talks 10: Leather! (guest: Stephan – Mr Leather NL)

Stephan was talking about the ways Covid influenced his life as a regular clubber and darkroom enthusiast, being “jailed at home”. When you are in an open relationship, you didn’t need to get your sexual kicks at home.Now, you do have to discover new things together.Stephan talked about how it created a nearness and aContinue reading “2020-10-28 ~ Kinky Talks 10: Leather! (guest: Stephan – Mr Leather NL)”

2020-06-10 ~ Do kinksters look for extremes?

Again a great international crowd: from ‘Friesl├ón’ Via Germany, London and Italy to L.A. USA. ­čśÇHans laid out some theoretical ideas about possible reasons why we are sometimes, or maybe just seen as some time as being more extreme, maybe. But on the other hand, thinking too much about the ‘why’ of our kinks isContinue reading “2020-06-10 ~ Do kinksters look for extremes?”