2020-07-15 ~ Kinky Talks 04: Consent: a need or a hindrance?

Oops… I made a mistake in the email… I SHOULD have sent you to:2020-10-07 ~ Kinky Talks! Dom space, sub Space (guest: Spot) Below is the old talk we did earlier Consent is a hot topic these days… and I mean that in the sense of heated discussions (not so much hot sex anymore). Where ‘consent’Continue reading “2020-07-15 ~ Kinky Talks 04: Consent: a need or a hindrance?”

2020-06-20-24 ~ Kinky Talks 03: Long term Kinky Relationships?

Long term Relationships – BDSM relationships… Is it desirable? We do sometimes long for long-term steady relationships…We sometimes want hot ‘n steamy relationships…Does that exclude each other? Can we have both? Can we have all three? Long-term sweet love? Hot love? Conquering love? And is this the same for kinksters into BDSM as it isContinue reading “2020-06-20-24 ~ Kinky Talks 03: Long term Kinky Relationships?”

2020-06-10 ~ Kinky Talks 02: Do kinksters look for extremes?

KinkyTalks 02 Wednesday, 10th of June: 20:00 – 21:15 Do kinksters look for extremes? (by Adalberto & Hans) People do view us kinksters as being  a bit extreme sometimes. Does that have to do with ‘the media’ portraying us as ‘extreme’ so they can offer the readers a nice and voyeuristic view (and then distanceContinue reading “2020-06-10 ~ Kinky Talks 02: Do kinksters look for extremes?”

2020-05-27 ~ Kinky Talks 01: Kinky Boundaries

KinkyTalks 01 Wednesday, 27th of May: 20:00 – 21:15 Kinky Boundaries (by Adalberto & Hans) In kinky relationships boundaries are the thing to be crossed, it seems.Fantasies about “I want all of my boundaries crossed… (repeatedly please)” can make it harder to recognise what boundaries are actually good to keep upright. So let’s talk boundaries…Continue reading “2020-05-27 ~ Kinky Talks 01: Kinky Boundaries”