2020-07-15 ~ Kinky Talks 04: Consent: a need or a hindrance?

Oops… I made a mistake in the email… I SHOULD have sent you to:
2020-10-07 ~ Kinky Talks! Dom space, sub Space (guest: Spot)

Below is the old talk we did earlier

Consent is a hot topic these days… and I mean that in the sense of heated discussions (not so much hot sex anymore).

Where ‘consent’ as a topic originated from the BDSM (anybody remembers: “Safe Sane and Consensual”?) and it spread to vanilla sex, schooling systems and the courtrooms. Different definitions of the term “consent” were created, political correctness ran away with the whole thing and now the concept is tossed back at us with sweet-sounding terminologies like ‘affirmative consent’ (meaning that if an initiative-taker has not verbally asked for a next step and waited for an affirmative “yes”, one is apparently crossing boundaries (according to Nordic judges)…

But as kinksters, don’t we know the difference between a butt-fuck and a mind-fuck)???
Then again,  we do notice in the scene that people are abusing youngsters or are really pushing hard for ‘consent’ and we say… ehrmm… nothing? (…)

Okay, to be clear: we do think that ‘consent’ is really really important in BDSM (it is the difference between BDSM and abuse). So how to meander between “handing in every little step in writing and in triplicate” on the one, and rape-culture on the other side…
(provokingly stated to get some conversation going) 😀

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A Kink Aware and openminded (relationship) coach. That does not mean you have to talk about kink, but at least here you don't have to be silent about it.

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