2021-11-13 ~ Kinky Talks 26: Kinky Activism

Hans Verhoeven gave us a really informative talk about his work as an activist and we had a long (long!) discussion afterwards. He started with telling us about his activism that he often says: “it begins with a cup of coffee”Meet people and find out what they are doing and see whether you can teamContinue reading “2021-11-13 ~ Kinky Talks 26: Kinky Activism”

2021-09-04 ~ Kinky Talks 24: From Sex to Chems and Back

Especially the people who are fond of kicks and new sensations and people who like to party and play, they are likely to have encounters with drugs (and alcohol is a drug too) and/or with people that use drugs in a combination with sex. Watch the talk about chemsex without blame or nonsense. And ifContinue reading “2021-09-04 ~ Kinky Talks 24: From Sex to Chems and Back”