2023-04-05 ~ Kinky Talks 43: Suicide exists!

Let’s break the Taboo! (if you haven’t yet) Hans is giving a bit of a talk about suicide and out-of-the ordinary-sexuality, and we were thrilled to team up with Henk Burger, and an impromptu from Jon Stockton, to break the taboo around mental health and suicidal thoughts in our 🌈 community! Have a look atContinue reading “2023-04-05 ~ Kinky Talks 43: Suicide exists!”

2023-03-01 ~ Kinky Talks 42: Kinky, & Community events (packing for)

(if you haven’t yet) Darklands, a rather unique event to attend and to travel to. Easter Berlin will be next. Folsom, and and andThese are big events, that do take some planning. But smaller events are thriving too, and there is a lot to say for supporting your local community that might support you someContinue reading “2023-03-01 ~ Kinky Talks 42: Kinky, & Community events (packing for)”

2023-02-18 ~ In memoriam Axe Leito

In memoriam Axe Leito  [17-11-1980 / 18-2-2023] On February 18, 2023, our Pride Ambassador Axe Leito passed away. His partner, his family, Pride Amsterdam and us, we are all deeply shocked. We will miss his generous smile and his contagious enthusiasm. We wish Robin, his family and friends all the strength they need to integrate thisContinue reading “2023-02-18 ~ In memoriam Axe Leito”

2023-02-01 ~ Kinky Talks 41: Young and Kinki – The Next Gen

Young and Kinky – we gave “The Next Gen” the mic to listen to the voice of our Youngsters in the Scene. For the older generation that cares to listen.So we are passing the mic to a couple of young and engaged kinksters, who are going to share their thoughts and experiences with us: Stevio,Continue reading “2023-02-01 ~ Kinky Talks 41: Young and Kinki – The Next Gen”

2023-01-04 ~ Kinky Talks 40: Drop, drop, event-drop

After the new year’s parties, after the first reality checks of our own new year’s resolutions, and after last year’s pandemic, it seemed kinda logical to come up with this Kinky Talk’s theme: “Drop, drop, event-drop!” 😉 Almost every sub AND most Doms know that feeling of “drop” two, or three days after great events,Continue reading “2023-01-04 ~ Kinky Talks 40: Drop, drop, event-drop”

2022-12-14 ~ Kinky Talks 39: Chemsex in the Scene

Chemsex is an easy subject to ignore… until you can’t ignore it anymore. That is why Adalberto and I like to highlight the fun, the risks, the slippery slope, the highs, the “gezelligheid”, the lows, the point of no return, the rock-bottom and that swampy sinking feeling when you notice you should really start toContinue reading “2022-12-14 ~ Kinky Talks 39: Chemsex in the Scene”

2022-11-09 ~ Kinky Talks 38: Kink Aware Therapy: Inspiration for Therapists & Kinksters

On the lookout for an interesting topic for this discussion, I was browsing through my PowerPoints and came across some PowerPoints I presented to psychologists and doctors for the Kinky Clients in their practice! And I thought it might be of interest to Kink Aware Therapists and the people who are their clients.

2022-10-12 ~ Kinky Talks 37: Community: What’s in a name?

“Community”: A community is a social unit (a group of living things) with commonality such as place, norms, religion, values, customs, or identity. Communities may share a sense of place situated in a given geographical area (e.g. a country, village, town, or neighbourhood) or in virtual space through communication platforms. Durable good relations that extend beyond immediate genealogical ties also define a sense of community, important toContinue reading “2022-10-12 ~ Kinky Talks 37: Community: What’s in a name?”

MonkeyPox and Pride

Monkeypox is a disease from a virus that is spread by rubbing skin to skin, or by puss or infected skin cells that still lay around somewhere after they were rubbed off the tiny scabs from former lesions. Not everybody has symptoms. So basically you’re not sure if you are infected. So if we meetContinue reading “MonkeyPox and Pride”

2022-06-01 ~ Kinky Talks 33: Long-ing Relationships… (long term, long distance)

We’ve been talking about relationships, and especially “long” is the keyword for this discussion: Our guests with lots of practical knowledge about these subjects were Spot and Pupsapphire answering questions from their personal viewpoints.

2022-05-06 ~ Kinky Talks 32: Darklands Fr.6pm – KinkyTalks Live

After more than 30 successful online events, Hans & Adalberto bring their Kinky Talks Live to Darklands! Kinky Talks Live!For both newbies and seasoned kinksters, they will discuss the psychology of kinks and our search for ‘extremes’, taking and giving consent and fun, and fun versus fun-ctional substance use & kinky sex.

2022-04-06 ~ Kinky Talks 31: Darkrooms-Lightrooms… Fetish photographers talk

We were talking with D81 en PAN about Fetish Photography… (you can find them on Instagram: @d81photos (www.d81photos.com) & @thedarksideof_pan (www.gianlucapanareo.com/thedarksideofpan) It was a very interesting talk but their beautiful footage contains pictures of people that can not just be exposed online. So Sorry… No Youtube here 😦

2022-03-02 ~ Kinky Talks 30: Kink & Shame

What are we shaming ourselves for? Where are we shaming others? Where does it add to our lust and where does it start to be in the way? We were talking tonight about a politically, and sexually hot topic: shame!Hans’s presentation about kink and shame, and the effects of being shamed in our culture (andContinue reading “2022-03-02 ~ Kinky Talks 30: Kink & Shame”

2022-02-02 ~ Kinky Talks 29: Polyamory in Practice

Polyamory sounds nice… but how do you put that into practice. How do you do poly? Hans will say a few things about poly. While Juan and Alex will tell us about the reality of being in a polyamorous relationship. Poly is like mono…but with a few extra balls in the playing field Hans

2022-01-05 ~ Kinky Talks 28: Your bucket and f*ck-it lists for 2022

We might be more thriftily when writing our bucket-lists. We lived thru another year of social distance and most of us live. So let’s be proud of each other… Hans has been telling a bit about new years resolutions and trying to prevent that in 2023 we will not be looking at the same listContinue reading “2022-01-05 ~ Kinky Talks 28: Your bucket and f*ck-it lists for 2022”

2021-12-01 ~ Kinky Talks 27: HIV – PrEP – U=U and more

On World AIDS day 2021 we thought it was important to discuss not so much a sexy subject, but a sex subject We think this is the date And of course, HIV does not mean AIDS anymore. But there is a lot to be said about sex and HIV. First of all: #getfuckingtested (Bentley, 2021)

2021-11-13 ~ Kinky Talks 26: Kinky Activism

Hans Verhoeven gave us a really informative talk about his work as an activist and we had a long (long!) discussion afterwards. He started with telling us about his activism that he often says: “it begins with a cup of coffee”Meet people and find out what they are doing and see whether you can teamContinue reading “2021-11-13 ~ Kinky Talks 26: Kinky Activism”

2021-10-06 ~ Kinky Talks 25: The Psychology of kinks

In this talk, we were diving into the kinky mind and we heard about the most recent research from a psychological perspective on “people who practice kinks”. Guided by Karina Kehlet Lins we tried to better understand what it is that draws us towards practising BDSM. And she talked about how the clinical world isContinue reading “2021-10-06 ~ Kinky Talks 25: The Psychology of kinks”

2021-09-04 ~ Kinky Talks 24: From Sex to Chems and Back

Especially the people who are fond of kicks and new sensations and people who like to party and play, they are likely to have encounters with drugs (and alcohol is a drug too) and/or with people that use drugs in a combination with sex. Watch the talk about chemsex without blame or nonsense. And ifContinue reading “2021-09-04 ~ Kinky Talks 24: From Sex to Chems and Back”

2021-08-04 ~ Kinky Talks 23: Puppies and their bone(r)s

The world of pupies is far away from our own ‘normal’ world for a lot of us kinksters. But in the last years this kink is really booming. And the playfulness of this kink is be really appealing. Docile dogs, beauty-dogs, bratty dogs, playful dogs. People on all fours running around really feeling like beingContinue reading “2021-08-04 ~ Kinky Talks 23: Puppies and their bone(r)s”

2021-07-07 ~ Kinky Talks 22: A deep dive into sub space…

There are a lot of ideas and opinions about subspace. It has to do with pain it has to do with humiliation, it has to do with role-play, it’s all about endorphins in the brain et cetera et cetera. Let’s be clear, there is no final answer yet in science for it simply has notContinue reading “2021-07-07 ~ Kinky Talks 22: A deep dive into sub space…”

2021-06-15 ~ Kinky Talks 21: Monster Toys, Monster fun?

We feel that we are not stretching it when Adalberto and I both hoped for a really deep talk about the things one could do with big toys. And even tho we were prepared well for some really in-depth discussion about ways “to go the distance” and perhaps some “how to’s“, to go where noContinue reading “2021-06-15 ~ Kinky Talks 21: Monster Toys, Monster fun?”

2021-05-26 ~ Kinky Talks 20: Consent is Sexy!

Consent is always a hot topic and we need to talk about it. Especially now that we are crawling out of our covid-enclosures onto the stage of meeting people in the flesh again.Us kinksters, we want to abuse and be abused… without really abusing anyone. We want to have fun with stretching holes and limitsContinue reading “2021-05-26 ~ Kinky Talks 20: Consent is Sexy!”

2021-05-05 ~ Kinky Talks 19: The world of gimps and drones

The world of gimps and drones: imagine you’d be in rubber enclosure being (ab)used or being enjoyed visually. Gear, rules, differences, masks, anonymity and freedom in rubber restriction… there is so much to know. So let’s ask the specialists: Jack Hellwing and Johnny Iron! We’ll ask them to explain to us the various different formsContinue reading “2021-05-05 ~ Kinky Talks 19: The world of gimps and drones”

2021-04-14 ~ Kinky Talks 18: Is more extreme more fun?

People do view us kinksters as being a bit extreme sometimes. Does that have to do with ‘the media’ portraying us as ‘extreme’ so they can offer the readers a nice and voyeuristic view (and then distance themselves with quotes like: “we are happy that we don’t need that“). Or are only the people thatContinue reading “2021-04-14 ~ Kinky Talks 18: Is more extreme more fun?”

2021-03-24 ~ Kinky Talks 17: What makes a good Dominant?

After an annoying start due to technical zoom sh#t, Hans West and Johnny Iron started this evening up with some basic thoughts about the question “What makes a good Dominant?” And not so much the obvious “things”, the visible and the ‘twitterable’, but rather the person underneath the Dom. The relationship underneath the D/s.

2021-03-03 ~ Kinky Talks 16: Happy Coronaversary!

Mostly we talked about how our perspective has changed because of Covid, how our attention shifted from big raves to smaller parties where at least you are able to meet people. “Gimme, gimme, gimme a vaccine after midnight. Won’t somebody help me chase the COVID away” Adalberto

2021-01-21 ~ Kinky Talks 14: What’s your favourite online fetish platform?

We got a cool panel of people to talk about why their favourite platforms We started with the question where our first platforms were. And some of us our talk with our ‘confessions’ about what basically our 1st platforms in the world of kink were (sometimes fresh, so for some of us almost pre-internet). WhereContinue reading “2021-01-21 ~ Kinky Talks 14: What’s your favourite online fetish platform?”

2020-12-30 ~ Kinky Talks 13: New Year’s Resolutions (bucket- & fuckitlists)

Hindsight is 2020 frontsight is 2021? Our talk together went (as my last name suggests) from East to West and from North to South and around the clock. We all shared our own ideas about the last year and plans for the next one.Hope for the best… Plan for the best…

2020-12-09 ~ Kinky Talks 12: Info on HIV and PrEP

Today we had Stephan Metzlar-Rudolph Mr. Leather NL 2020 and Snorella WC, Ambassador for the AIDS Healthcare Foundation. There is still a lot of misunderstanding about HIV. The virus is still the same (well… actually not quite, but that’s not the point here). But treatment possibilities have changed dramatically since the ’80s and ’90s withContinue reading “2020-12-09 ~ Kinky Talks 12: Info on HIV and PrEP”

2020-11-18 ~ Kinky Talks 11: How to avoid Drama!

We were talking about Drama in the scene and in our (sex) lives. Hans did a little talk about ‘drama’ and how it could be looked upon along the lines of the ‘Drama Triangle’ by Karpman (a psychologist with a love for the Greek Drama -and the three roles of ‘drama’: the Victim, the RescuerContinue reading “2020-11-18 ~ Kinky Talks 11: How to avoid Drama!”