2023-02-18 ~ In memoriam Axe Leito

In memoriam Axe Leito  [17-11-1980 / 18-2-2023]

On February 18, 2023, our Pride Ambassador Axe Leito passed away. His partner, his family, Pride Amsterdam and us, we are all deeply shocked. We will miss his generous smile and his contagious enthusiasm. We wish Robin, his family and friends all the strength they need to integrate this enormous loss.

Uniforms and his wish to mean something in the world made him choose for Dutch Defense and his deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq. Those taught him harshly what it means to be free.

It is the Freedom to be, and to wear what you want,
that he granted everyone.
And for which he unbridledly devoted himself.

Leather & Fetish

He will be missed dearly in the leather- & fetish- communities of which he was a proud member.
Axe was elected Mister Leather in 2019 in the Netherlands. With his trained body, warm smile and his enthusiasm for that position, he became a prominent figurehead of the leather community with Robin at his side as his “Milania”. After his election year, he stayed active and motivated people to not just only have “Mr”-sashes but also other versions. He himself loved uniforms but wanted everybody to wear whatever they pleased.


So in 2020, Axe was appointed Pride Ambassador on behalf of the leather community, a position he again fulfilled with great enthusiasm. He was a role model and example to many.
Born in Curaçao, Axe lived the intersectionality of being gay, kinkster and being of colour. So as a Pride Ambassador, Axe was not only active in the Netherlands, but he also involved himself in the Caribbean part of the Dutch Kingdom in his activities. There he gave interviews for television and newspapers and, in addition to his fetish for leather, he also spoke candidly about taboo themes such as HIV, PrEP, and condom use. So of course, he had brought a huge amount of condoms to promote safe sex over there too.

We don’t know where you are now and who you are with… We are with you a bit :-*

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