MonkeyPox and Pride

Monkeypox is a disease from a virus that is spread by rubbing skin to skin, or by puss or infected skin cells that still lay around somewhere after they were rubbed off the tiny scabs from former lesions. Not everybody has symptoms. So basically you’re not sure if you are infected.

So if we meet our friends at Pride… P.L.E.A.S.E be responsible and don’t infect others!

There is only a really small chance of dying from monkeypox people, and most people don’t even have too many symptoms. But some people with monkeypox -especially those with pustules in their rectum or in their urethra- have really excruciating pain. It feels like there is broken glass is rubbed in their rectum or dick. Some have infected their eyes and lost sight. Some were left with scars on the face or are left with post-monkeypox ulcers in the intestines and genitals.

So if you’ve had symptoms (mild fever, malaise, headache, and swollen lymph nodes), then that may just have been your incubation period! And from now on, you could contaminate others with this disease. If that was the first stage of monkeypox, you will most likely develop small lesions on the infected sites, in the mouth and actually all over the body, on and in the genitals, around and in the anus, on the palms of your hands and the soles of your feet (the last two being really tell-tale signs of monkeypox).

Lesions that are contagious!

Be responsible when you meet your friends at Pride and don’t rub against others, don’t have sex unless you are sure they are not infected. If only for the sake of others!

You don’t even need to stay in, like with Corona. No need for strict quarantines.
But please do take your responsibility and do not exchange saliva, don’t rub your skin against other people’s skin and clean up the surfaces you had sex on before somebody else will have sex there. -comparable with Hep C-cleaning-.

Oh, and get your vaccines if you can!

It is NOT gay!

But at this time (June/July 2022) Moneypox spreads real fast mostly in the MSM (Men having Sex with Men)-community by people being intimate. Bare skin to bare skin is enough. So it is not an STI in the sense that sex is spreading it. Most people are kinda intimate while having sex. And just being intimate naked, or even kissing can be enough (so, therefore -don’t get your hopes up- condoms don’t do much in preventing this infection).

Pride is: take care of your fellows…

The lesions are well-circumscribed, sometimes look like pimples, sometimes look like herpes, sometimes are more deep-seated, and often develop a bit of a dot on the top of the lesion (ex: pustules on face or vesicles on legs)…
Don’t touch, don’t rub, don’t kiss and just ask if someone with these lesions like these perhaps recently had a mild fever, malaise, headache, and/or swollen lymph nodes.

This is not because I would want to stop you from having sex. I want you to have fun and take care 
And if don’t believe me: please listen to Dan Savage talking to Dr. Carlton Thomas about how to not get monkeypox

Read more: Monkeypox and Sexparties

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