2020-06-10 ~ Do kinksters look for extremes?

Again a great international crowd: from ‘Frieslân’ Via Germany, London and Italy to L.A. USA. 😀
Hans laid out some theoretical ideas about possible reasons why we are sometimes, or maybe just seen as some time as being more extreme, maybe. But on the other hand, thinking too much about the ‘why’ of our kinks is often rather useless (if there are no problems) and could be even a sign of internalised cultural shaming…

We talked a bit about chemicals, and more about the natural highs of play.
We did talk al lot about communication during play, verbal and nonverbal. About the ‘readability’ (love that word) of subs and the ability to ask without losing your Domlyness. 🙂
We spoke about being in the moment, instead of being in your head and how doubt can make you come across as being ‘needy’ (the opposite of dominant, according to Hans). We talked about the painting-metaphor, and then about painting colours (diversity) or daring to be monochrome (your kink) in play and we did look a bit at ourselves.

From London was the metaphor of a session looked upon as being a meal for friends. “Of course, you want feedback. But when and how often do you ask if the dishes served did meet expectations?”

Time flew by and we parted waaay after end-time.
Thanks all for the honesty.

Published by KinkindeRelatie

A Kink Aware and openminded (relationship) coach. That does not mean you have to talk about kink, but at least here you don't have to be silent about it.

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